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ABILEX™ Oral Motor Exerciser

Caretaker and patient with swallowing difficulty

ABILEX™ Oral Motor Exerciser Supports Swallow Rehabilitation

Dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, can be caused by neurological conditions and problems that affect the head and neck, such as [6]:

- Stroke,

- Brain or spinal cord injury,

- Parkinson's disease,

- Cancer in the mouth, throat, or esophagus,

- Injury or surgery involving the head and neck

Abilex™ oral motor exerciser was designed as a physical therapy tool for the purpose of restoring, maintaining and preventing decline of oral motor function.

ABILEX™ Device Supports Oral Motor Therapy

Oral sensory-motor function exercises have been used in the treatment of apraxia, dysarthria, and other conditions with oral motor deficits [7].

Abilex™ device was designed to compliment current treatments by targeting oral awareness, strength, and range of motion.

Speech Language Therapist SLP with Patient


Designed for lip closure, tongue strength, dorsal elevation, lateral movement, and bolus propulsion

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“[H]e was delighted to eat his first meal by mouth in five months”

Parkwood Institute SLP Connie Ferri

After a week of using it daily I saw big changes in my swallow! ... Stronger with Abilex!

JC from Georgia, USA (recovering from stroke)