ABILEX™ device helps patient eat first meal in five months

ABILEX™ device helps patient eat first meal in five months

Phil Baddams developed severe dysphagia after a serious motor vehicle accident left him with a traumatic brain injury. Hospitalized, he was unable to eat or drink anything by mouth. After months of rehabilitation therapy with limited swallowing success, his team of Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) at Parkwood Institute, part of St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ontario, decided to add Abilex™ oral motor exerciser to his speech therapy treatment.

Brain injuries can make it difficult for patients to learn the typical swallowing exercises that are intended to get them swallowing again. Abilex™ is a device-based oral exerciser designed to aid swallow rehabilitation by stimulating the oral cavity and encouraging patients to become active participants in their therapy beyond the traditional “see me, follow me” approach. The device simulates a ball of food to enable the safe practice of swallow skills and provides tactile feedback to help engage patients in the exercises.

Only three weeks after introducing twice daily exercises with Abilex™ device, Phil was able to safely swallow again. “[H]e was delighted to eat his first meal by mouth in five months” reports Parkwood Institute SLP Connie Ferri. To learn more about Phil’s journey please visit the Ontario Hospital Association HealthScape site.

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