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Free Continuing Education Program: 0.1 ASHA CEUs

Enhancing Therapy Outcomes with the Abilex* Oral Motor Exerciser.

This introductory level course for Speech-Language Pathologists will focus on the neurophysiological principles of oral motor exercise, as well as introduce the Abilex* Oral Exerciser to improve motor speech and swallowing function. The Abilex* device and protocol allow for repeatable and challenging resistance training exercise during treatment and at home to facilitate functional improvements. Clinical rationales for use with various patient populations including those with Dysphagia, Oral Apraxia, and Dysarthria due to Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Facial palsy will be presented in detail.

Opportunities to learn about current research, sample documentation, home exercise compliance, and patient education will also be provided in this course to offer SLP’s a new and innovative treatment option for patients.

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  • Neurophysiological and practical principles of Oral-Motor Exercise for motor speech and swallowing disorders
  • Latest research on the effects of exercise in motor speech and swallowing treatment
  • Treatment protocol for the Abilex* Oral Exerciser for motor speech and swallowing impairments
  • Clinical rationale for the Abilex* Oral Exerciser and other devices in the treatment of dysarthria, oral apraxia, and dysphagia


0.1 ASHA CEUs / 1.0 hour webinar / 1 SAC CEE

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